Thursday, October 9, 2014

5 Tips for Better Bathroom Organization

The bathroom drawers and cupboards can definitely become a dumping ground of "stuff". It is easy to think that you'll get back to it another day and clean it out, but usually that day never comes around. Plus, you are in a hurry getting ready in the morning and if things don't have a definite place they all get piled up underneath the sink.
I have found that by instituting a few simple organization tips in the bathroom, the clutter will slowly become minimal.

1) Use an over-the-door show organizer to store make-up, nail polished, etc. If you get the organizer with clear pockets, they are easier to clean and obviously easier to see what is in each compartment. It will also save you time to have everything handy for use and easy to see rather than rooting around in your cramped make-up bag.

2) Plastic silverware container for toothbrushes, dental floss, toothpaste. Instead of organizing your spoons, knifes, and forks, take a $1 dollar store silverware container and put toothbrushes in separate compartments, toothpaste in the larger section and dental floss on the ends. Plus, it is easy to drop it in the dishwasher and clean.

3) Get a tiered cupcake/sandwich stand and use it to have lotions. sprays and perfume on one tier. Use additional tiers for Q-tips, cotton balls and other odds and ends. It looks nice and just takes up a corner of the sink to display.

4) Take a small, three drawer, plastic mini-organizer to get pills and medications in order. One drawer can hold OTC pain relievers, allergy/cold meds. The next drawer could hold digestive aids, vitamins. The last drawer might be used for prescription medication. It is so helpful to have them readily organized rather than rummaging around in a bottomless pit of medicines.

5) We have a bunch of mugs that have accumulated over the years that almost never get used. I have taken a few and re-purposed them for holding my hair accessories. I place the mugs on a cheap tray and leave it under the sink. One mug holds barrettes, one for hair ties, one for my brush/combs, and I prop my curling iron in one. I used to just drop all of my hair stuff in a drawer and it always got tangled up. This way I am not having to do much more work, just dropping them in their mugs.

Hopefully, one of these tips will help lead you to a more organized bathroom!

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